Sciatica: the most effective treatments

Sciatica: the most effective treatments


Better known as sciatica , sciatic neuralgia is characterized by a sharp pain located in one of the two nerves at the back of the legs. It is often caused by a herniated disc and the pain can extend from the buttock to the thigh and down to the foot.

Several factors can promote the development of sciatica such as:

the practice of a sport or a physical work with in particular the carrying of heavy loads sitting for several hours at a time lack of physical activity and / or abdominal muscles

What are the symptoms of sciatica?

Usually, sciatica is recognizable by those affected because the pain is very intense and often resembles an electric shock. It often occurs in the lower back or on the buttock .

The symptoms of sciatica are:

muscle weakness
pain radiating to the thigh or foot
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Announcement, America’s Top Attorneys To treat sciatica, it is recommended to limit your movements in order to relieve your leg. Depending on the origin of the sciatica, medication may be advised.

What are the prevention methods to avoid sciatica?
If you are prone to sciatica attacks, follow these tips:

Opting for regular physical activity reduces the risk of sciatica. Walk for at least 30 minutes a day and if you can, practice gentle gym or swimming which will stimulate your back without creating tension.

Pay attention to your posture : try to keep your back and gaze straight, and keep your shoulders back. Warning ! To pick up an object from the ground, bend your knees so you don’t break your back.

If you work at a computer or in a sitting position every day , consider taking breaks and walking for a few minutes every two hours or so. You can stretch to release tension especially those in the lower back.

For a healthy back (and smoother nights), choose a quality mattress (which you will change every 10 years) as well as an ergonomic pillow. Goal ? Protect your neck!

Finally, pay attention to your outfit. Limit wearing high heels which force you to bend your back and favor backpacks over handbags because the latter have the unfortunate tendency to throw you off balance …