8 tips for lasting weight loss

8 tips for lasting weight loss


Losing weight but above all keeping it off is never easy. All the fad diets with beautiful unrealistic and untenable promises sell you dreams but do not give you the means to keep the results obtained, if there were any! No reason to feel guilty because who would not be tempted by such an approach? How then to permanently lose those sneaky and superfluous pounds that poison your life? Here are some keys to help you!

Ditch fancy diets

Some diets make you lose weight, sometimes even a lot of weight, but at what cost? Why do you impose restrictive and inappropriate diets on yourself? You very often expose yourself to a risk of nutritional imbalance (in fibers, minerals, vitamins …) which is harmful to your health: note for example that high-protein diets can overwork the kidneys. Not to mention that it requires a lot of willpower, and without forgetting the psychological, behavioral or even environmental components. What frustration!

And the morale in all this? It is not better. It rarely stays in good shape. He looks rather sad.

You know by heart the yo-yo effect, this hellish phenomenon! One diet chases the other but always ends in the same way: an inevitable gain in weight accompanied by a few extra pounds. This is the very effect of a restrictive diet. This relapse has inevitable consequences on your daily life. You find yourself in a situation of failure, of guilt, of low self-esteem… You have to face the facts, the miracle diet does not exist, otherwise it would be known! You have to regain control of your body by giving it a healthy and diverse diet. And it is better to accept a few curves rather than wanting to achieve an unrealizable goal; it is an essential condition if you want to stabilize your weight.

To lose weight sustainably, opt for non-diet by choosing instead the adoption of good eating habits that are observable in the long term. Also, it is essential to be supported in your approach. All sprinkled with no frustration. This is the only way to do it.

Also, keep in mind that nothing replaces consultation with a health professional to establish a nutritional program adapted to your personal situation. In other words, nothing replaces a personalized follow-up.

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