How To Find the Right Volunteer Work for You

How To Find the Right Volunteer Work for You


Helping others or volunteering does have many benefits for the body. Here are the various benefits of volunteering for the health of the body. Remember the saying “it is better to give than to receive”? That seems to be true. In fact, if applied in life, the impact can not only be felt by people around, but also for the health of the perpetrator. There are many ways to do good. One of them is by volunteering. Well, the benefits of volunteering are not just to help people. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, United States, examined the link between volunteering and brain health.

This study gave 45 volunteer participants a choice: complete a task that only benefits themselves, give charity, or help someone in need.

Volunteering can be an excellent way to support and improve your community. It can also offer benefits for you. Helping others makes you feel good, and volunteering is a win-win situation. Here are tips for finding the right opportunities for you.

Consider Your Talents

Are you good at public speaking? Do you enjoy interacting with the elderly? Are you happy behind the scenes? Tapping into your strengths can help you match your skills to a volunteer opportunity. People who enjoy public speaking, for example, may enjoy coaching in community outreach Kansas City KS. Nursing homes can appreciate help with activities or entertainment for residents if you’re interested in helping older adults. Someone who enjoys working behind the scenes may be comfortable cooking in a soup kitchen.

See What’s Available in Your Area

Check with nonprofit organizations around you to see where volunteers are needed. Local churches and government agencies may also offer volunteer resources. Some national volunteer websites allow you to search by area; you may find something near you by looking online.

Ask Your Employer

Some companies organize volunteers to work on local projects, such as constructing low-cost homes or building relationships with at-risk children. Ask your employer if your company participates in events like these. If not, perhaps you can organize a campaign yourself and get your coworkers involved in a meaningful project together.

Choose Something You Care About

Are there causes about which you feel passionate? If you love animals, for example, you may want to check with nearby shelters to see if you can walk dogs, buy food or find foster homes for pets. If you like to help those who live alone, you can deliver meals, mow lawns or help with home repair work.

Once you find the right match for your talents and interests, your volunteer work can be fulfilling for yourself and those you serve.