Episiotomy: Guide that every parent must know before delivery

Episiotomy: Guide that every parent must know before delivery


If you are going to deliver a baby, then you would know about the episiotomyIt is a surgical cut that is made at the perineum while giving birth. This area is the muscular area that lies between the anus and vagina. While undergoing procedures your doctor might incision on that are for enlarging the vaginal openings before you are going to deliver a baby. In past this type of vaginal tear was made to help out the severe vaginal tears but now it is becoming common. It is done because such a type of tear will get healed faster when compared to a natural tear. Mostly your doctor might recommend you this treatment when you are experiencing extensive vaginal-based tearing during the delivery process. If your baby’s position is abnormal and while your baby is larger when compared to the normal. In rare cases when your baby has to be delivered early this tear concept is required.

What are the different types of Episiotomy?

There are two most common types of episiotomy treatment are followed during the treatment. They are mediolateral and midline.

  • Mediolateral – The incision would begin at the middle of the vaginal open that extends down facing towards the buttocks. It is done facing a 45-degree angle. The risk that arises at the anal muscles will be lower.
  • Midline – This tear is made in the middle of vaginal openings that cut straight down facing towards the anus. The advantages that can be gained through this are it is easy to improve the healing and repairing process.

It is also classified in the form of different degrees. That will be calculated based on the extended level in severity.

  • At first degree, only the small tear concept is used. It helps for extending the lining area by focusing on the vagina. There it does not involve the process of tissue underlying concepts.
  • In the medical field, the most common type of degree is followed in second. The tear will extend to the vaginal lining as the wall that is present at the vaginal tissues.
  • The third level of the degree tear would involve the vaginal lining, tissues, and the parts of the anal sphincter.
  • The last degree is considered as the severe type that includes all anal sphincter, rectal lining, vaginal tissues, and vaginal lining.  

How does this treatment get processed?

First, that area will be cleaned using the soap then the doctor would insert two fingers for opening the vaginal that helps to protect the head of the baby. At that point there will be a small level of incision would be made that will be dependent based on the type of episiotomy is performed. The cut that is performed will be faced towards the straight down if not it will be done based on the angle that is facing in the vaginal opening. Once the process is completed your doctor might pinch that tissue gently that is present below the incision. It eliminated further tearing. After getting delivered the perineum and vagina area are cleaned carefully, for performing this task they make use of the effective tools. All its repairs are getting performed suture that will get absorbed into the body it is used for closing the rectal lining.