Cancer And Its Causes: Everything That You Need To Know

Cancer And Its Causes: Everything That You Need To Know


Staying healthy is one of the most important things that humans focus on since the beginning; some mishaps happen suddenly, or we do not even get to know. Sometimes, some dangerous illnesses are like the regular cold and fever, but the internal harm gets done already. Everyone is supposed to stay healthy and fit and take the necessary steps to keep themselves healthy. The post is going to focus on cancer and everything that you might need to know about it. To learn about it, keep reading the article.

Tumor cells

Before you plunge deep into these, let’s talk about oncogene or the gene that causes cancer. Such cells have the potential to do so, and this article is going to cover more about it. Cells usually die after some time, but this gene will stop its death and help it increase, leading to cancer. Some numerous drugs or medicines attack the proteins contained in this gene to help cure cancer. You must also know about proto-oncogene, and it has the potential to turn into a whole oncogene due to mutations, and it only needs little modifications to get converted.

Reasons for of conversion these cells

The reason why it might get mutated lies mostly within the protein of the proto-oncogene. The change in protein structure might result in increased activity and slower or loss of regulation. Misregulation, increase in mRNA, and any chromosome abnormality might result in its conversion. You might also know about chromosome translocation, which is an abnormality where the proto-oncogene might get transferred to a different chromosome, which results in higher activities within the cell. Thus, this gene increases the cell activity and designates the death of the cell. In other words, this gene mishap the growth factor of the cells that are nearby, the cell itself or at a distance. Proto-oncogenes play a vital role in cell division, but it disrupts the system once it gets mutated.

Caffeine And Carcinogen

Well, the first question that might hit you is that what is a carcinogen? In simple words, a carcinogen is a substance or even radiation that leads to cancer. What does it do? It can destroy the complete metabolic process in your body or the genome too. You can guess the items that contain carcinogens. Could you think some? Carcinogens are included in tobacco smoke, asbestos, and many others. They might not affect you immediately, but they will affect you in the long-term. These substances will interfere with cell metabolisms and damage the DNA in your cells, causing cancer. Now about the main question that you have in your mind that is, is caffeine a carcinogen? Well, 25 years back, WHO did list it as a carcinogen, but recent studies found no link between coffee and cancer. Some studies even say that it might decrease the risk of cancer or have no effect at all. No research to date supports the link between coffee and cancer. But what you need to keep in mind is that caffeine might hurt individuals suffering from high blood pressure, heart problems, and few others. For them, consumption of caffeine might be a problem. So, taking advice from the doctors might be a better option to stay on the safe side.

The caffeine source matter?

Moreover, the source of caffeine intake matters too. You will not benefit if you consume sodas instead of a healthy cup of tea or coffee. What do you get from drinking sodas? You get nothing except sugars and fats, and on the other end, tea and coffee contain anti-oxidants that would keep you healthy as a whole. Sodas are OK as an occasional treat but avoid it to take it daily.

Other Reasons For Cancer

The disease is a complex illness than you might imagine, and the reasons might greatly vary for every individual. Some reasons might include being overweight, smoking, drinking, an unhealthy diet, exposure to the sun, radiation, and even inherited genes. Cofee could be a healthy beverage choice, but excessive drinks might lead to insomnia and other problems. Everyone knows that anything extra of anything is never good. So, why not keep that in mind.

In a nutshell, cancer has several reasons to pop up, starting from lifestyle to radiation. Some genes play the primary role in causing cancer, and one can avoid cancer by staying safe and checking the ingredients they eat or drink. Control over drinking and other things might halt the disease and give you a better life. The article has covered everything you needed to know about cancer—from oncogene to proto-oncogene and why it gets mutated. All you need is a little care about yourself and yourself. If you have a family history of cancer, then it is better to stay safe from all sides.