WHO Suggests CBD Products Are Safe, Non-Addictive

WHO Suggests CBD Products Are Safe, Non-Addictive


Products containing cannabidiol, aka CBD, are becoming popular for varied medical benefits. The products come in the form of beverages, chewable gummies, to pet care. CBD is one of the two major bioactive components derived from marijuana; the other is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which produces intoxication. The psychoactive effect of CBD products is marginal as it contains traces of THC it, relieves pain, and makes you stable and cozier. CBD, along with marijuana, is also derived from hemp containing 0.3% or less of THC. IN 2018 consumption of CBD products from hemp was legalized across the US, but regulations about marijuana-based products are still ambiguous.

Effective in Certain Medical Conditions

The best CBD gummies do not contain artificial sweeteners or preservatives and are not made from genetically altered plants. At present, all CBD-based products are considered supplements and not regulated by FDA, except Epidiolex, a prescriptive medicine to treat severe seizures in children. There is enough evidence CBD is effective in certain medical conditions such as sleep disorders, fibromyalgia pain, muscle spasm, and anxiety. Oral CBD products reduce pain and fretfulness and improve the sleep cycle. Each gummy contains twenty-five milligrams of CBD, which is adequate to provide relief for different symptoms. But if you become tolerant tothe dosage needs to be modified.

Safe and Tolerable

The product is affordable and is consumed by healthy adults as it is safe and tolerable. Unlike THC, does not activate the psychoactive phenomenon which some people experience when consuming cannabis.CBD products come with numerous therapeutic benefits, but in rare cases, some users may experience mild side effects, as with any drug. The CBD chemical interacts with the endocannabinoid system that maintains complex biological processes and homeostasis. Oral CBD products are a convenient and often delicious way to consume. It is a perfect option for people who dislike the smell of CBD oil or have problems with swallowing.

High Concentration of Hemp Oil

Gummies contain a high concentration of hemp oil enriched with CBD. The chief difference between gummies and other CBD products is it is chewable before gulping; a user can choose the potency and regulate the exact dosage. World Health Organization (WHO) denotes CBD products are usually safe and non-addictive, and research carries on to find latent therapeutic use of CBD.

Though many sides of CBD are still undiscovered, evidence shows it is helpful to reduce symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety, addiction, and insomnia. High dosages of cannabis increase the risk of dependence, but is classified as non-addictive. is one of the four hundred compounds found in the cannabis sativa plant with no psychoactive properties.