How to take good care of your teeth after implant placement?

How to take good care of your teeth after implant placement?


After the placement of dental implants , some mild reactions of short duration may appear. Our dentist will give you details on what to expect in the days following the operation.

Slight bleeding

Placing a dental implant is a surgical act. It is therefore normal to observe slight bleeding at the end of the operation.

In order to minimize this bleeding, at the EL CEDRO Barcelona clinic, Dr RODRIGUEZ and his medical team have mastered the technique called FLAPLESS (implant placement without opening the gum). By placing the implant without incising the gum, bleeding is rare or even nonexistent.

Slight pain

We do not all have the same level of tolerance for pain. However, dental implant placement is a painless procedure for the vast majority of patients. Only a few analgesics and antibiotics are enough to reduce pain and prevent possible infections.

Keep in mind that it is easier to prevent pain than to fight it! This is why Dr RODRIGUEZ will prescribe analgesics before the operation. In the days following surgery, it is essential to strictly adhere to the medication prescribed by your dentist and not to wait until you are in pain before taking your medication.

Slight swelling and hematoma

Slight swelling and some bruising may occur after dental implant placement. Rest assured, this is normal and will only last a few days!

Dr Rodriguez and his team will provide you with an ice pack to place against the operated area for the first 20 minutes. You will also be prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs.

What are the recommendations following the placement of a dental implant?

In order to limit the uncomfortable effects and guarantee the chances of success of your implant treatment, your dentist will recommend that you follow a few simple instructions.


Brush your teeth gently, at least 3 times a day, using the surgical toothbrush provided by the EL CEDRO clinic. Remember to brush your gums well to facilitate healing and prevent inflammation.


Make mouthwashes over a period of 10 days from the day after the procedure. Use the mouthwash that will have been prescribed to you by your dentist and respect the frequency given.


During the first 7 days, you must eat a lukewarm or even cold diet. This in order not to promote swelling.

During the entire healing period, you will need to have a soft diet so as not to strain the implants.

Tobacco / Alcohol

It is strongly recommended that you do not smoke or drink alcohol so as not to slow down healing.

Sports activity

It is recommended not to practice sports for 2 days following the placement of dental implants. If you have had a sinus-lift and / or a bone graft, a deadline of 30 days must be respected.

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