How Does A Transitional Housing Offer Multiple Benefits To People and Society?

How Does A Transitional Housing Offer Multiple Benefits To People and Society?


Transitional housing refers to a community service that offers temporary accommodation and assistance to homeless people until they find a permanent solution. The recipients are offered support with substance abuse, child care, employment assistance, refugee to women victims of domestic violence along with other services so that they can be back on their feet. They help individuals to stay on track after their rehab treatment.

Transitional House Providing Substance Abuse Treatment

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Benefits Of Transitional Housing

Let us see how transitional housing is beneficial to the society and individuals using it.

Substance Abuse

Transitional housing offering substance abuse support helps individuals in getting sober so that they get rid of their addiction and stay that way.

Reduces Crime

Most of the individuals in transitional housing are victims of domestic violence. Getting them out of such situation reduces crime rate.

Prevents Disease

Residents staying in transitional housing get clean water and good hygiene and support services on how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and drug abuse.

Employment Assistance

Residents are assisted with job searching along with resume writing and interview techniques so that they can be independent and look for a permanent dwelling.

The transition period after a rehab treatment can be overwhelming and transitional housing help in adjusting to life after rehab.