Eye Surgery: Types, Cost & Procedure

Eye Surgery: Types, Cost & Procedure


If you have always been suffering from blurred vision, it has taken the best out of your life. You don’t want to go with the worst-looking spectacles and feel lenses are getting too expensive for you to explore. Then at this time, you should look for a different way; after learning more about the Lasik eye surgery cost, a proficient eye surgeon is a good call.

If performed under well-trained individuals, eye surgeries will ensure that you get your clear vision back in the fastest manner possible. Now, searching through the internet will let you encounter so many surgical proceedings, making it difficult to focus on any one point. Well, you don’t have to worry about that when you have some of the noteworthy options available lately.


If you are looking for something different from the basic LASIK eye surgery cost, then this ReLEx SMILE surgery is the one for you. It is one advanced form of laser vision correction process, which is now available within your pre-set budget plan. In addition, this method is considered to be safe, comfortable and comes with a speedy recovery.

  • It is one of the minimally invasive procedures where a keyhole incision is made for lenticular extraction. The hole is as small as 2 to 6mm.
  • There won’t be any use of surgical cutting instruments.
  • It will lower the likeliness of dry eyes

The cost of ReLEx SMILE:

Much like Lasik eye surgery cost, you better check out the cost of ReLEx SMILE as well. It will range between 50K and 65K for every eye. Being a premium surgery with a higher safety notion will reduce dry eyes without any associated flap risks. It is undoubtedly one worthwhile investment.

LASIK eye surgery:

Another interesting vision correction surgery over here is the LASIK eye surgery. LASIK mainly stands for the laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis, which will shape the corner with the help of laser technology.

  • It is time tested procedure and has provided good results for so many years now.
  • It is an advanced procedure compared to PRK, especially when it comes to the patient’s comfort level.
  • The surgical process is relatively quick and with effective results from the get-go.
  • You can get custom corneal irregularly correction, where a big flap will be created and then lifted for presenting laser exposure.

The cost of LASIK treatment:

It is always the complex nature of the refractive error, which will affect the final LASIK eye surgery cost. It further depends on the medical centre you have chosen for the task. You might have to spend around 85000 rupees to 1 lakh as the costing value most of the time.

Contoura vision:

If you are looking for a good bladeless LASIK technique, then Contoura vision is the one such type. ReLEx Smile being the better one but this type of surgery works with topo-guided LASIK, which is the US FDA-approved procedure.

Just make sure to check out the variations under LASIK eye surgery cost and other surgical procedures before the final move.

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