20-Minute At-Home Pilates Workout for All Levels

20-Minute At-Home Pilates Workout for All Levels


Different kinds of workouts require various types of equipment. For instance, working out at the gym implies the necessity of all those dumbbells and machinery associated with strength training. In fact, even yoga requires a mat, stretch bands, bricks, and much more.

Entirely different from these, pilates workouts are the type of exercises that do not require a ton of machinery. Not to mention, the advantages of these include lengthening and strengthening of muscles. So if you wish to work out at home and do not have a lot of time for the same, pilates is the solution. This article will share 20-minute at-home pilates workouts for all levels. Let’s get started!

1- Roll-Up

Lie down on your back with toes pointed out. Extend your arms upward as you lift your head while involving the core muscles to lift. Next, try reaching forward to the toes while ensuring that your back remains straight. Gradually come back to the initial position and repeat for 4 more times.

2- Scissors

While lying down on your back and face up, curl your neck and head up to slightly lift your shoulders. Next, lift your right leg an inch from the ground and then slowly lift the other leg toward the ceiling. Next, use both your hands to hold the ankle of your left leg and try extending it closer to you. Make sure that your hips are stable while performing this exercise.

If you find this difficult, then keep your head on the ground and slightly bend your knees. However, if you want it to be more challenging, then place your arms closer to your ears without bringing your hands in. Perform the exercise 10 times for each leg.

3- Double Leg Stretch

Lie down on your mat with your head up. Lift yourself up using core muscles to raise the shoulders. Extend your arms upward, and then lift your legs at an angle of 45 degrees to the mat. Hug your knees with your arms as they touch your chest. Bring the legs back to the initial position, 1 inch above the ground. Repeat this 10 to 15 times, based on your strength and capacity.

4- Thigh Stretch

One of the most engaging pilates workouts, the thigh stretch, does not only involve strengthening your thighs. First, kneel down without sitting on your hips. Make sure that your feet touch each other. Now, bend your upper body 45 degrees backward as you engage your feet, glutes, and abs. Ensure that you form a straight line from head to knee. Come back to the initial position and repeat this exercise 9 more times.

5- Standing Roll Down

Stand tall with your back straight and feet hip-width apart. Take a deep inhale as your raise your arms up toward the ceiling. Now slowly exhale while bending forward. Then come in a position such that you are sitting on a chair. Finally, go back to the beginning position. You can repeat this exercise 4 more times. If you find it less challenging, you may lift your heels up while you’re in the sitting position and do 10 reps of this.